Dadeville Police Department
City of Dadeville
192 South Broadnax
Dadeville, AL 36853

Phone: 256-825-6212
Fax: 256-825-8436

Investigator: 825-9959
Narcotics Investigation: 825-7080

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Our Values

As we endeavor to establish guidelines for the operation of the Dadeville Police Department, first we must have a clear and understandable concept of who and what we are.

With this in mind we, the members of the Dadeville Police Department, make the following declarations concerning our values:

WE VALUE HUMAN LIFE---For our first goal being to protect life, we recognize the awesome responsibility that goes with our authority, as a last resort, to take a life in order to protect the life of the innocent.

WE VALUE INTEGRITY---For without sound moral principle and character we cannot enforce the laws on others.

WE VALUE THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS OF THE LAND---For it is these that we are sworn to uphold and without which anarchy would reign.

WE VALUE EXCELLENCE---For with the responsibility of law enforcement, mediocre will not suffice.

WE VALUE ACCOUNTABILITY---For we are accountable to the citizens we serve as well as being accountable to ourselves and our Creator.

WE VALUE COOPERATION---For it is the cooperation among ourselves, the public and other law enforcement agencies that enables us to meet our responsibilities.

WE VALUE PROBLEM SOLVING---For surely our role in society is to help the people.

WE VALUE OUR IMAGE IN THE COMMUNITY---For truly our effectiveness is dependent upon the support of the citizens which we serve.

WE VALUE THE RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL---For our role is not to oppress, but to serve.

WE VALUE OURSELVES---For it is with pride and humility that we serve and protect the citizens of Dadeville, Alabama.